Will the rise of AI replace software developers?

How can a machine replace a skilled software developer/engineer? Machines are smart, no doubt, but they lack certain emotions and decision-making skills, and conscience, that a machine simply cannot replicate (yet). They are as good as the instructions given to them, which they can perform with efficiency, precision, and speed, but beyond the instructions they are given, there is no conscience or mindset to think about external factors.

With the recent burst in popularity of OpenAI's ChatGPT, it has proven to do a lot of things with great efficiency, such as creating a workout timetable, writing snippets of code (although they do require debugging), writing post content in any style or format you like, and simply answering any (reasonable) questions you can throw at it.

However, it may have brought a bit of a scare to some of us. Will we be replaced by AI? Here's a list of reasons I think AI will not replace us talented software developers/engineers.


Humans have creativity that stems from deep within their own thoughts, built from years of experience and learning, and no two individuals will have the exact same ideas. This results in original work, that has not been copied or modified, and this is what AI lacks - it uses data models to generate new things, but this cannot be seen as original as it still is based on something that already exists. Developers use their creativity to create new ideas, designs, and experiences.

Problem Solving

AI is definitely great at problem solving, however they are limited by the data models they have learned. No matter how big this is, it still cannot compare to a human mind. AI will also not be able to understand things such as business requirements, user experience and interface design.